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Uptown Lashes  Faux Mink Magnetic Eyelashes – Diva Lash
Diva mink magnetic lashMink magnetic eyelashes

Faux Mink Magnetic Eyelashes – Diva Lash

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The original magnetic eyelashes are hard to apply, but magnetic lashes just got easier with the use of magnetic eyeliner! Only apply one (1) magnetic lash per eye now, giving you a more natural look and long-lasting wear.

For Use with Magnetic Eyeliner – Our magnetic eyeliner is a liquid gel eyeliner that includes ultra-fine magnetic particles, which will allow magnetic eyelashes to adhere to the eyelid, lasting all day and night. It is lightweight (as any other eyeliner), and it is safe for the eye and does not burn or sting. Comes in a full-size eyeliner tube with twist-off cap and eyeliner brush, making it easy to apply.



Our Faux Mink Magnetic Eyelashes are full coverage, cruelty-free silk synthetic eyelashes with the same soft feel, and includes single lash (1 lash per eye) with 5 magnets per lash for a stronger hold.

The Faux Mink Diva Lashes are perfect for a night out, a big event or a dramatic makeup look. Lash length is between 10-14mm. The lashes are lightweight and the magnets offer a strong hold that lasts. With proper care, lashes can be reusable daily.


For Use with Magnetic Eyeliner – Our magnetic eyeliner formula is a lightweight, waterproof liquid eyeliner that is made with ultra-fine magnetic particles so the magnetic lashes can easily attach to your eyelid and remain put all day.

  • Easy to use – Just draw the eyeliner on, allow to dry and the magnetic lashes will stick right to the liner.
  • Comfortable – They’re lightweight and flexible, no crusty feeling every time you wink!
  • Seriously fast – They’re quicker than putting on mascara (and WAY easier to remove).
  • Mess-free – No gunky glue residue on your lashes. No sticky fingers. No accidentally smearing your eye makeup.
  • Fits your makeup routine – You were going to wear eyeliner anyway, right? It only takes a few extra seconds to pop your lashes on.

Step 1:  Apply a thick layer of magnetic eyeliner to your upper eyelid along the natural lash line. Allow to dry for 1-3 minutes, then reapply another layer. Apply 2-3 layers and allow to dry fully before applying magnetic eyelashes.

Step 2:  Starting from the inner corner of your eye, clip the magnet on top of the eyeliner, following along the entire eyelid.

Note: If you remove the eyelash to adjust placement, the eyeliner may come off as well. You may have to reapply the eyeliner for a stronger hold. If the lash is not sticking, you need to apply another layer of magnetic eyeliner.


To remove the magnetic eyelashes, gently pull from one corner as the magnets pull away from the eyeliner. For reuse, please store properly. To remove the magnetic eyeliner, simply use makeup remover or soap and water, these will be able to remove it easily.

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