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Uptown Lashes  Magnetic Eyelash Application Tool – Gold
Gold magnetic eyelash application tool
Gold magnetic eyelash application tool

Magnetic Eyelash Application Tool – Gold

$7.95 USD

3D Magnetic Eyelashes Applicator Tool for False Magnetic Lashes, Tweezers for Eyelash Application

  • Stainless steel magnetic eyelash application tool for applying magnetic lashes or false eyelashes.
  • Use the false eyelash applicator tweezers to apply your magnetic eyelashes or false eyelashes to get the perfect placement.
  • Use the curled ends to place the magnets perfectly together, then use the applicator tool to adjust the lashes in place or to curl the lashes even more.
  • The stainless steel metal allows the magnets to adhere to each other. Place the magnet corners of the lash band in line with each other, then clamp down to apply your lashes.
  • Currently available in black, pink, silver, gold and rose gold – shipped from the United States.

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How to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes

Not sure how to apply your new 3D magnetic eyelashes? Use our unique false eyelash application tool to apply your magnetic lashes or false eyelash strips to your eyes and get a perfect placement.

Use the stainless steel ends to apply the magnets. Line the magnets up and clamp down so they stick together in perfect placement. Use the curled edge to adjust the placement of your lashes or use it to curl your lashes even more.

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